Skateboards Designed for Surfers!

Used by many surfing professionals and frothing up and coming groms, the Smoothstar brand of Surf skateboards is fast becoming “One of the best surf training tools you could ever wish to ride”.

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Welcome to the world of “SmoothStar”, Skateboards specifically designed for surfers, to help improve your surf technique through improved back leg strength and better balance.

Appearing the same as many other longboard skateboards, they have one major and important difference. Look closely and you will see a technically engineered turning mechanism attached to the front trucks. This is the secret weapon in the Smoothstars easy turning ability. The THRUSTER, is a spring loaded turning mechanism designed to fit directly onto the front trucks allowing the board to turn way beyond the ability of a normal skateboard. But wait, it gets even better, you can create speed  whilst on the board. No need for pushing. SmoothStar now has two special turning devices: the Thruster I and the Thruster III.

A combination of easy turning and self propelling allows you to practise over and over all those vital surf manouvers such as : cutbacks, bottom turning, tail slides and even aerials. After just a short session the feeling is more of a surfing experience rather than one of skating and with 5 sizes and designs to choose from, theres sure to be one to suit your style.

Be sure to check the rest of this web site for videos on all the different sizes and much more.

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Latest Fan Video From Harry Western Australia

Smoothstar Thruster System

  • Steel Aluminium construction
  • Most critical turns
  • Adjustable spring for controlled carving
  • Two piece sturdy cast aluminium


Thanks to everyone who has already sent in vid,s they,ve been nothing short of awesome. Keep sending them in and you'll find your self on our Facebook page in no time at all! We particularly love any new tricks you can do on your Smoothie.

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Feature Board

We have re developed the 32"Flying Fish from the very popular eagle design to a new and slightly cheeky "FLYING FISH." Same great shape, same performance youve come to expect from this grom favourite model....

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