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    Artificial Wave on Land – SmoothStar Roof Top Surfing in Queensland

    Queensland is one of the best places in the world to surf: warm, safe beach breaks, lots of variety and easily accessible. When the famous Queeensland points like Snapper, Burleigh and Noosa start working, the surfing media is there to capture it and share it with the world… social media is a buzz. However, sometimes the hype created is far from the truth. Sometimes surfers go for over a month with no surf over 2ft!

    Introducing SmoothStar’s Artificial Wave on Land!

    The Training Ramp Setup

    SmoothStar teamed up with some local surfers in Queenslands Sunshine Coast to test their surf skills on the new SmoothStar Surf Training Ramp. Washed in ocean blue, the ramp mimics the curve of a wave which is very different from the vertical skate park ramps. The unique curve is flatter at the top, helping to create a perfect top section to do vertical top turns and deep carving manoeuvres.

    Reviews by Surfers

    Local surfers and SmoothStar teamrider Layton Lepetit couldn’t believe how similar it was to surfing. Other locals included Logan Lepetit and grom Casey Lane who throws the most epic tail slides, the exact style when he surfs.

    It’s so good for your surf fitness, its a real work out and you are using the same muscles like surfing – it feels like you’re riding a real wave. Just 30 minutes on Ramp is better than going to the boring gym.

    Layton Lepetit