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    SmoothStar Team Rider: Nate Hopkins

    Nate's Bio

    Full name: Nate Hopkins
    DOB: 9 yrs 30/12/2005
    Resides: Naraville
    Height: 145cm
    Weight: 40 kg (big boy!)
    Surfboard Details: 4'11'' + 4'10''
    Fav. SmoothStar Model: Holy Toledo
    Favourite Wave: Crescent Head
    Fav. place to surf skate: Soldiers Carpark
    Fav. SmoothStar moves: Carves and tailslides
    Inspirations: Watching WSL
    Achievements: 1st BL Blast Off, 1st Wahu Ulo's Kiama
    2nd Wahu Ulo's Coffs, 3rd Billabong Grom Cup Ulo's
    Favourite Surfers: Ace Buchan, Glenn Hail & my Dad
    Future Goals: To be a pro surfer & travel the globe
    with mates

    Wanna ride with Nate? Follow and message him!