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    SmoothStar Team Rider: Jayden LePetit

    Jayden's Bio

    Full name: Jayden Le Petit
    DOB: 15yrs 9/7/1999
    Resides: Mount Coolum
    Height: 165cm
    Surfboard Details: Sam Egan short board,
    thruster setup and squash tail. 5'2, 17'1/4, 2''
    Fav. SmoothStar Model: Holy Toledo/Flying Fish
    Favourite Wave: T-tree and The Pass ByronBay
    Fav. SmoothStar moves: Big no hand slides and
    nice grab rail airs
    Inspirations: Watching people shred the surf and
    the concrete what gets me pumped to go riding
    Achievements: Being part of the SmoothStar team
    and surfing better than I used to after my injury
    Favourite Surfers: Julian Wilson and Filipe Toledo
    Future Goals:  To be able to do my air what I do
    on my SmoothStar in the surf

    Wanna meet and ride with Jayden? Follow and message him!