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    SmoothStar Team Rider: Carly Shanahan

    Carly's Bio

    Full name: Carly Jazz Shanahan
    DOB: 11 years old 7/11/2003
    Resides: Wooli
    Height: 138 cm
    Weight: 31 kg
    Surfboard Details: 4'8'' Shaun Cansdell Shapes
    Fav. SmoothStar Model: Barracuda
    Favourite Wave: Double Island Point
    Fav. place to surf skate: Wilsons Headland
    Fav. SmoothStar moves: Grab and Handplant
    Inspirations: Playing Ukulele and singing
    Achievements: Making the final of all major
    competitions last year
    Favourite Surfers: Lakey Peterson and Tyler Wright
    Future Goals: World Champion #1

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