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    Skater Surfers


    Australian Skater Surfers


    Ben Collison

    Team Rider

    Ben is the best skate surfer in the world – we haven’t seen anyone that come close. His power turns in the biggest, steepest, scariest inverted skatebowls blow people away. Ben has developed incredible torque and compression – smashing any skatepark lips that resemble surfing waves. No one can match him. He surfs exactly like he skates, carving and wrapping pockets.

    Logan Lepetit

    Team Rider

    Being a tall guy, Logan has the extraordinary ability to keep on rail in critical sections of skatebowls. He’s always up for a new skateparks to try – not holding back. He has this crazy inverted hand plant thing that is off the hook. His surfing is so good down the line, smashing lips with fins out the back.

    Layton Lepetit

    Team Rider

    A big guy who uses his height and weight to good use – driving off the bottom and throwing the tail in steep bowl sections. His surfing rail game is nuts – the most powerful on rail turns and wraps with upmost control and agility for such a big guy. With inspiration from Jordy Smith, his backhand is impressive too – throwing buckets of spray everywhere.

    Jayden Lepetit

    Team Rider

    With assistance and inspiration from his older brothers Logan and Layton, Jayden possesses free flowing style and control. Jayden goes so hard he loves to bomb the steepest hills and recently broke his leg skating but he’s recovered and surfing and skating better than before.

    Tommy Demack

    Team Rider

    Tommy is one of the most unique surfers and skaters we’ve seen. He goes soooo hard he bleeds. He’s a light guy so he gets into the air with ease. He invents new moves on his SmoothStar that blows away even our best teamriders. Our favourite is a reverse grab fins out (wheels) of the bowl and rotate… of the richter scale. So epic.