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    Stock Information Regarding SmoothStar

    Smoothstar coronavirus delays

    Last Updated: 6th November 2020

    We are currently sold out of boards available for pre-sale from Australia. If you live in Australia, we recommend you to try getting your board before Christmas from your local stockists. A list of our Australian stockists are listed here: https://smoothstar.com.au/stockists/retailers-surf-shops/

    SmoothStar will have more stock arriving after Christmas in January. If you are from Australia or from another country, we have created a waiting list for January customers. To be on the waiting list, please fill out the form below to be one of the first to purchase. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

    Note: SmoothStar has increased production at our factory. However, the demand globally for SmoothStar is very high. We apologise to our customers if you are not able to get one of our boards for Christmas.