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    Ride the SmoothStar & Sanbah Surf Ramp at the Newcastle Surfest

    SmoothStar is known worldwide as the closest feel to surfing on land.  The best surf coaches agree, there is nothing like it for improving your surfing technique.

    Great news: SmoothStar International are bringing their incredible wave simulation ramp to Newcastle Surfest. The ramp provides a wave simulation experience and is for those who have some experience riding a SmoothStar and would like to try it.

    Cost: FREE. Sign the release form this page and bring it to Newcastle Surfest.
    Date: Friday 22nd February – Sunday 25th February 2018.
    Venue: Merewether Beach, Newcastle.
    Bring: Your SmoothStar and helmet (demo boards and helmets will also be available)
    Surfing Levels: Intermediate-Advanced.
    Ages: 4 years and up.  Adults welcomed.
    Email: events@smoothstar.com.au

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    All riders of the ramp must be signed up. Surfers under 18 need their parents or guardians to sign the release form and bring to Surfest in order to ride the ramp.


    1. Download and print the form here (Forms are available on the day)
    2. Guardian Signs the form.
    3. Bring the signed form to Surfest.
    4. SmoothStar Staff will provide you an all weekend wristband to ride the ramp.

    Ride the Surf Training Ramp