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    Free Surf Training

    SmoothStar is known worldwide as the closest feel to surfing on land.  The best surf coaches agree, there is nothing like it for improving your surfing technique.

    SmoothStar International are inviting you for some free surf training on land. All surfing levels can participate from beginners to advanced. We will help you either gain balance or help you perfect your bottom to top hand turns.

    The surf coaching covers:

    • Improving Balance & Surf Posture
    • Technique Correction
    • Bottom & Top Turns
    • Compression & Extension
    • Shoulder Rotation

    The coaching is conducted on a flat area, so even beginners will be comfortable. The ramp provides a wave simulation experience and is optional for those who have some experience riding a SmoothStar and would like to try it.

    Cost: FREE. You must register online so we can accommodate numbers.
    Bring: Your SmoothStar (demo boards will also be available)
    Surfing Levels: Beginners – Advanced.

    We have scheduled workshops coming up in the following locations.  Select the one closest to you or sign up to the waiting list and we will contact you when we can make it to your area.


    Port Macquarie, NSW – 20 & 21  January 2018


    When we get enough registrations in your area we will come to you.

    Ride the Surf Training Ramp