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    Are Girl Surfers Tougher than Boys?

    Rising surfing star Ellie Harrison from Barwon Heads, Victoria has grown up surfing in cold water. Victoria has some epic world class waves but the water can get very cold. We asked Ellie if she wears a 5/4 wetsuit, hoodie and boots in winter? She just replies, “…nar just a 4/3 wetsuit, that’s all, cos girls are way tougher than boys!”

    Without as many girls to surf with on a daily basis, Ellie finds herself amongst all the boys. Competing against boys in any sport and beating them is what makes Ellie one of the most competitive Junior surfers in Australia. She’s also got 3 older brothers who have all surf competitively and have pushed Ellie even further.


    Given a chance, Ellie nags her dad to take her to Bells Beach or Winkipop, a 25 minute drive from their home atBarwon Heads. At world class spots like Winki and Bells, Ellie isn’t intimidated by any boy, not to mention the frequent pro surfers in the line up.


    SmoothStar first spotted Ellie as a 8 year old, taking off on a gnarly 4 foot wave at Lennox Head, NSW. She was charging then and still charging even harder now. Ellie’s dream is to be a pro surfer and get her own “Ellie harrison SmoothStar Model” and it looks like she’s got the determination and talent to get there.


    Thanks to ls surf photography for some epic photos.